Terminator T1 build.

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Thought I would share my latest project. After seeing the Terminator 3 movie in 2003 I always wanted to build my own T1 and was always in awe of What the Stan Winston workshops did in creating these robots for the film. Problem was that I did not have a hollywood budget and I wanted the Robot to be non tethered. After many years of planning and trying to work out how I would build all the parts on my budget I decided to start the build. After just under a year my T1 is now built.It has been a real engineering and Artistic journey creating this and had its fair share of painful moments,my hat goes off to the original builders of this Robot. It is not complete replica of any of the film T1's but more of a model in the T1 Hunter Killer line. She is full RC, everything works and will soon have some new autonimous features. You can check out the build from the start on my YouTube channel


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  • Awesome, such a cool build!

    Can't wait to see what you do with it next!

  • Just thought I would add a few more updates on our T-1 project. Just thinking the other day that it is nearly 20 years since the Terminator 3 film was launchedin June 2003. It would be great to compare the technology used to create the Original T-1 robots with what we have produced 20 years later. I guess the RC systems have not really changed that much apart from frequencies. We are however using Machine leaning and object recognition systems in our T-1 giving it the ability to identify objects then act on that input to control aspects of the robot, all happening real time and autonomously. We are also using a fair amount of wireless control though external gyros. If effect the robot can be controlled through external guestures provided by the opperator removing the need to use hands to control the robot in a tradition RC way. All brilliant fun. 
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