Thulsa Doom silicone bust

I have made my 2nd and a bit more successful Thulsa Doom  character silicone bust..I am wondering with the variety of syntheitc wigs available is there a way to do a combination of hair punching AND wig application? 

My thoughts are more the hair punching for the bang line and the longer hair maybe in a glued application? I would also wonder if anyone knows of a good resource for inexpensive synthetic hair/wigs also what might be a good needle guage for a beginner to start with?


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    Hi James,

    Looking good!  

    Hair punching can be combined with wigs to help create a transition along hairlines.  How that is done will depend on the type of wig and hairstyle you are going for.

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    Basically the standard look from the film..he has a straight bang line across the front and long in the back so i am figuring MAYBE...an African American female wig...if i can find the right style
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