Best Silicone for simple lip curl mask


For some reason I get confused with all the variations of Silicones. 

I'm creating another Hollywood Gorilla Suit and this time going to use silicone for the mask. I want something flexible but not gooey or oily. I'm just going to do a simple Moonwatcher/Chewbacca lip curl. 

I'd rather use something straight out of the can and not mess with deadner unless it's absolutely necessary. 

Will Dragon Skin work? Am I wrong that it's formulated with the deadner already in it?

Any help would be appreciated 👍👍



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    Hi Jeffrey, Could you explain how to make a simple lip curl ? I want to make an aliens lips curl back and reveal teeth. 
    Thank You!
    Regards, Sean 
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    Hi Sean, 

    It's a simple cable set up but hard to describe so I'll link a video to Steve Neill's Moonwatcher build video. 

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    Thank you Jeffrey, the video helps. Good luck making your gorillas. 
    Regards, Sean 
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    I'm just a hobbyist, but I have cast silicone skins, mostly for puppets. Si nce there hasn't been another suggestion,  I'll give you my opinion.

    Dragon Skin 10 is very nice silicone to work with, but is a little stiff (in my opinion) if you are trying to get nice movement. I use Dragon Skin 10 most often for molding because it has been really strong. For what you are doing I would suggest Ecoflex 00-30 or Ecoflex 00-50 (if you want it a little stiffer that 00-30).  Ecoflex 00-20 is really nice, but can be a little sticky. So if it's me, Ecoflex 00-30. It is so easy to cast and work with!

    I would also strongly suggest having power mesh embedded in the silicon like shown in Mike Cooke's Silicone Mask Making course.  This is a fantastic course with wonderful explanations. It's done by the Immortal Mask people and their masks are incredible! In this course I think they use Ecoflex 00-20. You could even use the embedded power mesh to build in the attachments for the lip curl.

    Also if you have a Reynolds Advanced Materials store anywhere in your area, they will have samples of the different silicones and can give great advice. Smooth On also has a help line to call that gives great advice on materials for your specific projects. I love working with silicone!

    I hope you have great luck on you gorilla suit! I've always wanted one myself.

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    Thank you Christopher!!
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