First time making eyeballs

I just finished the eyeball making course by John Cherevka and wanted to post my first attempt at making some eyes! I used a few of his techniques and materials, and some other techniques and materials I've heard about. I tried 2 different kinds, a bloodshot regular eye and an infected 28 Days Later style eye. I hand painted everything, I still need to invest in an airbrush.


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    Nice work, I love the green ones!

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    Thank you!!
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    Mike..i do eyes as well...and honestly..while an airbrush is a useful tool..handpainting eyes is far better for realistic results against airbrushing..

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    I want to invest in an airbursh at some point in the future, but the hand painting definitely gets good results, I agree! And I'm trying to work with what I already have before spending more money lol 
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