Dragon Keeper Costume

This is a Dragon Keeper Costume for my son. It's got a silicone skin and tongue, flex-foam teeth and horns, carbon fiber under skull and jaw and resin eyes. His container is EVA foam. The upper palate lights up to indicate fire.

The Stan Winston School made this project possible and saved me tons of money in mistakes.
Here is a list of some of the Stan Winston courses that went into creating this puppet. 
Silicone Mask Making -Mike Cooke

Silicone Sculpting and Patching -Chris Grossnickle
Platinum Silicone Masks Painting -Jamie S. Grove
Painting Silicone Skin -Jamie S. Grove
How to Sculpt a Mask -Norman Cabrera
How to Sculpt a Dinosaur -Christopher Darga
Character Makeup -Bruce Spaulding Fuller
Human Head Anatomy and Sculpture -Jordu Schell
How to Make Eyes -John Cherevka
Epoxy Eyeballs -John Cherevka
Oversized Eyes -Rob Hinderstein
How to Build an Animatronic Head -Craig Canton-Largent
How to Make Animatronic Characters Rick Lazzarini
How to Make an Eye Mechanism -David Covarrubias
Puppet Mechanism Basics -B J Guyer
How to Make a Foam Puppet -B J Guyer
Hand Puppet Detail and Finishing -B J Guyer
How to Fabricate a Monster Suit -Ted Haines/Billy Bryan
How to Make a Dinosaur -Ted Haines
Costume and Mask Fabrication -Fred Fraleigh
Lab Work for Animatronics -Cory Czekaj
I would like to thank all the teachers for the invaluable tips and explanations.

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