Stranger Things Halloween Party

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Sculpted and built everything from scratch for our Halloween party this year with @joshfeo. Many of the materials used to build the clock video store and 80’s livingroom decor were cardboard and styrofoam. Vecna was different mannequin parts pieces together and then clay sculpted over them. The upside down portal were vines sculpted in monster clay, then molded in silicone and cast in soft urethane foam. Latex “nurnies” were used to created the webbed growth on the vines. Floating spores were created using a snow machine set to the lowest level. Storm clouds were made by adhering polyester fill to plastic sheeting and suspending from the garage ceiling, with par cans and some LED’s mounted above it. Lightning was synced to audio thunderclaps using DMX and Cobra Firing System. Hope you enjoy!


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