Dragon's Forest by B. Brosowski-Utzinger

This Dragon Ghost or mystical being is an own design. As design and while painting her in the studio she was full of beauty and grace- but once we placed her on the costume and in the woods- yes, that is where she belongs.
And you better not mess with her.
While portraying her we did frighten quite a few sunday hikers- standing there silently amidst the beautyful fall forest- watching, knowing, seeing all and yet not being of this world...
The dragon head was concepted and sculpted by Barbara in zBrush, printed in different parts and assembled to one piece. Each detail is handpainted in a mix of acrylic and watercolor. The eyes are covered in goldfoil to give this otherworldy effect, to mirror the viewer. Additional costume pieces were hand-dyed and shredded for a ghostly appearance. Why she prefers red is upon the viewer. Or victim?
(the book and the other dragons are also sculpted, handbound and painted by Barbara. Camera and movie footage is by Roman Brosowski)


(Costume first seen after 25 seconds)

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