Sandman from Spider-Man 3 and Spider-Man: No Way Home

For my 2022 Halloween costume, I fabricated a prosthetic arm to make it appear as if my left hand was enlarged and made of sand. To do this, I used over 100,000 small styrofoam beads that were mixed with a flexible glue to form a paste. This paste was pressed between silicon sheets to create a strong but pliable material that had a sandy texture but could be individually applied to the length of the arm. This allowed the entire piece to appear solid but still maintain flexibility at the elbow. After patches were individually sewn on, the entire piece was sprayed with a thin layer of glue for added strength. Lastly, the piece was painted with two shades of tan paint to give it texture and depth.

A sample of the small flexible material that was sewn onto the length of the arm before painting.

A close up of one of the arms after adhesive was sprayed but before painting.
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