Bad Ash with deadites

I sculpted the hands and mask in Monster Clay and cast them in Ecoflex silicone. The helmet was also sculpted in monster clay and cast in Smoothcast 65d. The leg wounds were done in cosplay. The shoulder armor and chest armor for the deadite warrior is made of Eva foam coated with Epsilon pro. The cow skull was carved from foam it 5 coated with free form air.  The leg wounds are cosplay . I cast the flute player’s hands in flex foam with embedded springs in the fingers so they bounced when I walked to simulate him playing. Also I had the warrior deadite rigged so when I pulled a string his arm raised. The deadites were partially coated with foam clay, and coarse molding paste. Their brows were sculpted with free form air. I made the harness that held them up with aluminum, wood and a little foam  for padding. The flute player’s flute it flex foam coated with epsilon pro. I also sculpted and applied Evil Sheila’s prosthetic.

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