Attaching Straps to Silicone Mask

Hey all, I'm looking to attach straps to a silicone mask. Anyone know what adhesive would work?


  • You would need either a silicone adhesive or more silicone that matches the formula the mask was cast in (likely platinum silicone).  That said, when attaching straps to a silicone mask it's also important to have that area reinforced internally so the silicone does not tear as easily.  This would be done using a material like power mesh.  If the mask has already been cast, you may be able to add some power mesh to the inner side with a few layers of silicone brushed over it.  

    If you are casting the mask yourself, you can also embed fabric tabs (like nylon webbing) that stick out an inch or two where the straps will be, so you can then attach your straps to the fabric with snaps, velcro, Chicago screws, rivets, etc.  That way you can add or remove different straps later without needing to further modify the mask,  The larger the surface area you embed, the stronger the strap will be.   But keep in mind silicone can still tear, so it should be handled carefully and tension on the straps should be kept to a minimum. 

    That's just how I might approach it.


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