Hello everybody,
My name is Lisa and this is my interpretation of the Moth(wo)man.
The origin of this creature is an north american legend: In West Virginia folklore, the Mothman is a humanoid monster (half human, half moth) with glowing red eyes and capable to fly, reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area in the 60s. 
I did everything on the costume by myself: from the concept art to the final brushstrokes on the wings.
The head (including the eyes and antennae) was built with foam clay on a motorcycle 'braincap'. Same goes for the small insect legs on my chest and my digitigrade chitin legs: foam clay + rubber spray + arcylic paint.
The wings at my arms are made of black cloth, painted by myself.
I also used lots of hair extentions and faux fur for the body, collar and the insect abdomen. 
The construction time was about 5 months.
In this video you can see me spread my wings (min 1:20):
Science-Fiction Treffen Speyer 2022 - YouTube

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I hope you like it! ;)


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