Atrocitus from Injustice 2

Hello, my name is Joshua Marchese aka CJ Prop Studio(@cjpropstudio) on social media. This is my brand new creation that I built for this years New York Comic Con. The character is called atrocitus the red lantern leader from DC comics but I fell in love with the character design from the injustice 2 video game. Anyway, this build is made entirely out of eva foam from sks props and masked dad workshop. The crown, ring and lantern are 3d printed and this was the very first cosplay that I ever made my own silicone hands for from scratch. For the hands I 3d printed the hand armatures and used air-dry clay to sculpt the details. Let it dry out for a day or 2 and sealed them with a few coats of rustoleum clear coat gloss. For the mold I used rebound 25 from smooth-on and made a plaster jacket with plaster Paris gauze. After the mold was done I rotocasted dragonskin 10 medium tinted black also from smooth-on (did about 3 layers, well big hands lol). After I demold the gloves I made a very small batch of dragonskin and tinted it red to give the hands some red veining. When the hands were complete I needed to stabilize them so I embedded a piece of velcro to the glove with more silicone and glued the other part of the velcro in my forearm piece and it did the trick. The silicone mask I got from cfx masks (composite fx) purposely for this build last year. The black texturing on the suit was done by coating the armor with dap branded kwuick seal and used my putty knife to create the texturing with a somewhat zigzag pattern. The red panel muscle fiber texture I did by scoring the foam with a fresh sharp blade from my utility knife and used a heatgun to open the cuts. In-between the red paneling I installed led rgb lights that have about 500 leds in each strip and the strips are about 4 feel long. I used about 8 led strips in the whole suit which is in the chest, midsection and shoulders. The suit also contains 5 homemade smoke machines that are made from vape tip tanks for vape pens and air pumps for fish tanks. It's all usb powered and they're wired in a series circuit, it's also connected to a wireless receiver so there's no wires running down my arm and I operate the remote inside the glove of my right hand. I used crics as the based for my feet and wear an ice vest under the suit for comfort. Also, I airbrushed the shading and the contouring, the suit is sealed with about 6 cans of plastidip and the base paint I used rustoleum colonial red and satin black. The red veining in the black areas I used red puffy paint for contrast. This whole build took about a month and a half and I'm really proud of it, I've made organic based armor on the past for a client but not for myself and I'm very happy with the outcome. For my info and behind the scenes pictures and clips I have 2 highlight story bubbles on my Instagram account titled atrocitus and atrocitus2, you can check them out @cjpropstudio


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