Brutus the Hollywood Gorilla

Hi all,

Here is my take on the original movie monster, the Hollywood Gorilla. 

What is a Hollywood Gorilla? They were simply men in gorilla suits that were caricatures of real Gorillas. Because they are considered the original movie monster, producers in early Hollywood demanded they look terrifying instead of realistic. Hollywood Gorillas were so popular, Hollywood Gorilla men such as Charlie Gemora, Crash Corrigan, George Barrows and Bob Burns stayed busy from the 1920's all the way into the 70's. Rick Baker can be credited with changing the genre, making Hollywood Gorillas more realistic. 

My Hollywood Gorilla Brutus is made by me. I sculpted his face to be in the spirit of my favorite Hollywood gorilla, Bonga by Crash Corrigan. I hand tied fur to mesh. 

I entered him into the Monsterpalooza Costume Contest last weekend and had a BLAST!! Here are the pics.


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