The Lesser Crowned Harpy

As part of a university assignment, we were tasked with creating a creature that would fit within Johnny Fraser-Allen’s world of The Gloaming. Within this fantasy-based world, every creature is herbivorous, right down to insects. So I devised a creature that would fulfil the role of corpse disposal without actually eating the corpse, as it was an area the creator himself hadn't devised a solution for. It is called the Lesser Crowned Harpy, named so for the large ‘crown’ of antlers that it uses to pick up and carry corpses, which it then takes back to the tree where it lives in order to provide sustenance for the tree. The two anatomy sheets were done in Photoshop CS, the model head in ZBrush with colours applied later in Photoshop.

Check out more of my work at bomoore.net!

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