The European Snow-White Witch-But Darker

First this Latex Prosthetic Mask is from "Zagone Studios"..I have modified by repainting each wart or area of Disease to make it standout and pop...I have applied make up to the mask to bring the bright green down in color to a more sinister look...the contacts are from Samhain Studios and are hand painted...the hand are also from Zagone and have been applied with make-up to tone down the color of green and to match the mask...the witches outfit is actually quite simple but I think it is appropriate for an "Old Poor Woman" I have given it a European type style as you can see in the mask there is a little coin headband across her forehead that I weathered and to give her a bit of what I would call a "Hungarian Gypsie witch effect"...her clothes I found in thrift stores and pieced them together to give the desired Poor Old Woman look, right down to her feet wrapped in burlap because she cannot afford shoes...the basket and apples as well I found them at thrift stores...the lantern I bought at regular stores...the one with the skull candle inside I painted black and added insect like spiders cockroaches and added them to the outside for appearance...the Doll she cares with no eyes or the eyes having been ripped out...I had bought longtime ago at a Halloween store and she talks...the skulls we added for the effect right down to a small sack of skulls representing the children she has killed in her past  
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