Where I can find 3/8 armature wire


I would to like create a character maquette, from  the course video the makeup artist Jordu Schell he used 1/16 , 1/8 and 3/8 armature wire, I was able to purchased 1/16 inch armature wire and 1/8 as well,  however I am struggling to find 3/8 inch armature wire, which will help to keep my work from bending over and stuff, does anyone know where I could find 3/8 inch armature wire?  I have looked everywhere on the internet even Amazon but I couldn’t find that one

I  don’t  know what to do to keep my work from bending over, as the 1/8 isn’t that strong enough and I am worried it will bend over

Hope someone can help me with this  


  • If you search for '3/8" aluminum wire' you may have some luck.  I just found some on amazon. 

    You can also double up or twist multiple armature wires together to help build up extra strength.

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