Flix The Clown

Flix the Clown is an original character I've been working hard on for almost 5 years now. Throughout the years I have been adding and creating new things for Flix. There is always room for improvement. I am a self-taught makeup artist. I've been using my character for the past three years now at a haunted house working as a Scare Actress. Otherwise, most of the time I attend conventions and run a year-round social media page for Flix on Instagram - "flixtheclown"

The clothes were either thrifted or bought and then I weathered them to make them look beat up and gross. 
I hand-made the pom poms on my shirt, and the fingers are gloves that I painted and added fake nails to make them look like my real hands. My makeup is all done by myself and takes me around an hour and a half to fully get into costume. 



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