Halo 2 Anniversary Elite Zealot

This costume has been a labor of love for the past 3 plus years. Through tons of trial and error i have been able to to get it to where it stands today. I hand sculpted the torso armor with monster clay, molded with Rebound 25 and casted with Foam-iT 3 from Smooth-On. All other armor pieces were hand made from EVA foam, molded with Rebound 25, and casted with Smoothcast 65D. The boots were cast with Task 16 Urethane. The head is entirely EVA foam, until i am able to finish sculpting a new one. Automotive Duplicolor paints were used for the gold armor and flat black krylon for the black parts. The undersuit was machine sewed over an upolstery foam muscle suit. I stand around 7ft in costume.


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