Jack The Ripper (Raiden from Metal Gear Rising)

This is my Jack costume in its 6th remake. Each time I get a little more happy with the end result but there's always room for improvement. This costume is mostly a custom sewn body suit with EVA plates on top but also has a 3d printed animatronic face shield I designed myself. The face shield is controlled with a remote control located in the electrolyte power cell prop (blue spine thingy) and tells two micro servos to rotate in the desired direction causing a 4-bar mech to activate. The blood is home made using clear glue, food dye, and a bit of paint. The costume also requires to unorthodox accessories to be worn to be more accurate such as the high heels and hourglass corset. The sheath is held in place with a metal plate that latches onto a 40lb magnet hidden on my back and held in place by suspenders. The synthetic muscles are made from old rib knit sweaters that were dyed and painted and then attached to a EVA foam backing for shape. This costume took about half a year of free time to make and is still a WIP for me as I always seem to update it. 

photos by Noah Smith. videos by myself, Justin Henton, and Justin.Cosplay 

videos found in links




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