MJOLNIR Mark V (custom Master Chief from HALO)

This is my custom version of the Master Chief from HALO in MJOLNIR Mark V armor. The costume is mostly made from a vacuum formed set of Mark VI armor that was then modified with EVA foam and 3d printed parts. The helmet is 3d printed with a visor made from heat shaped acrylic and headlight tint film. It includes real leather 9mm magazine pouches that were used in a jail and refurbished by myself. Armaments include 3d printed plasma rifle, M6 magnum, plasma grenade, and frag grenade. There are lights with 3d printed diffusers throughout the suit and the helmet includes two 30mm fans to keep the wearer cool and the visor from fogging. There is also a PA built into the chest so other can hear me with the helmet on. This suit was a passion project that was grinded out in just under a month and took a lot of sleepless nights to finish within the given deadline but totally worth it to become the original Chief.

Photos are from myself, NUVO Media, and Gencon attendees that were kind enough to share them with me. 

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