Dinosaur WED Clay Growing Mushrooms

I’ve had this dinosaur (Indoraptor) sculpture for quite a while now as I work on it every now and again. Since this is a WED sculpture, I always spray it with water and then cover it in large garbage bags to keep it from drying out. Safe to say it’s lasted for about 6 months and still hasn’t dried out! I also don’t add wet paper towels, so it’s only bags keeping the moisture in there. 

A couple months into the sculpture I saw a mushroom growing out of the mouth. I just thought it was pretty crazy that, of all things, a mushroom appeared. I contacted a mushroom forum and they identified it as an inky cap. So weird! Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? I’ve heard of mold growing on stuff like this but never mushrooms! Just thought I’d share because it’s still one of the funniest/weirdest things to happen to this sculpture.

I also thought I’d share some images of what it looks like at the moment. This is a full-sized dinosaur that’s 23 feet long and 6.5 feet tall. I’m almost finished with the head as I plan to get it molded this week. It’ll be casted in a thin silicone skin with a fiberglass core on the inside. I plan on this being a costume but if it doesn’t work out I’ll keep it as a stand-alone animatronic piece. Biggest thing I’ve done to date and what I’m most proud of!


  • First off, sculpt is looking awesome and I can't wait to see how it turns out!  I love seeing large sculpts like this.

    I'm really surprised by the mushrooms!  I've never had that happen.  I would think they would require more nutrients than are available in WED clay.  Maybe it's a good luck sign?

  • Thanks Chris! I agree too! The people on the forum were surprised to see that the mushrooms were able to sustain themselves with what WED clay had. So weird.
  • My theory is the sculpt was so good the mushrooms thought it was a real dinosaur to feed off.

  • Haha! 😂
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