(Dark Fantasy) Hollow Knight Costume

My costume is "The Knight" from Hollow Knight, the costume was heavily inspired by dark souls armor and monsters, and has a strong dark fantasy theme. The character is normally a bit "cartoony" so this costume is a bit of a departure from the source material but I'm super proud with how it turned out!

The whole costume is my first real time designing and building a proper full costume on my own.  All of the main armor is 3D modelled, printed, and painted by me (Which is my first time giving 3D modelling a proper shot). The helmet is my favourite part having a 3D printed base and then a layer of spackle on top which gave it it's texture. This is my first time working with a lot of new materials, so it was just as much a learning experience for me. 

(The cosplay was created by me but the photos were taken by "thevaliantknight" on instagram. Some editing to change cropping and lighting was done on my part in post but the amazing photography was done by them so please check them out)

Hope you guys like it!
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