‘Esca’ - Sea Siren


Sculpted in buff clay, moulded in a two piece fibreglass mould, slush cast in tin cure silicone and filled with poly foam. Antenna sculpted, moulded and cast separately, teeth cast separately in resin, wig fitted and hairline hair punched in. I used Zbrush to plan out my sculpt digitally before building an armature and starting with the clay and have included images of the digital sculpt as the last couple of images.

Height: 28 inches
Width: 14 inches


  • Wow. She is stunning. Great work <3 
  • Oliver B.Oliver B. Japan
    Amazing, especially the skin! 
  • Lotek514Lotek514 Montreal, Canada
    Sculpt and final detailing is exquisite!

  • Beautiful! I love her expression!
  •  :open_mouth:
    Okay .. I hope you win!  
  • Absolutely beautiful! The skin coloring is just phenomenal! 
  • Awesome work!
  • DeAyesHalveItDeAyesHalveIt Seattle
    Just the right amount of ethereal beauty & downright terrifying ! Nicely done 
  • I have to say that this is one of my favorite creatures that I've seen in a very long time. She's beautiful, yet scary, but looks slightly sad, like you want to take care of her, but afraid at the same time. There's a lot coming through even though it's a simple concept. Wonderful work. 
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