Red Wizard of Thay (Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms inspired Costume Set)

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Since my teenage years I loved many of the design elements of the Red Wizards of Thay - so last year I decided to make this costume set and I'm still working on it :-)

I wanted it to look like the actual clothing of a believable living person. That's why the complete costume consists of many single clothing pieces that can be recombined to different weather conditions as well as for several social occassions.
To keep the look as natural as possible I went with higher quality fabrics (wool, silk, linen, high quality PU-leather) and many ours of handcrafting.
Sketches, patterns, leather cutouts, sewing and all the hand embroidery and pearl details were made by me.

The costume has some magical wizard gimmicks as well - the glove can light up like in this video:

The wizards staff also has a light function:

The pictures were taken by Fotografie Sebastian Hilpert, Rekii Makeup & Fotos or by myself.

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