War of the machines

Bruno TesseBruno Tesse Paris
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Hi members and Stan Winston School crew!
I follow Stan Winston School for a while, here or on Facebook and your work guys never cease to amaze me. When I heard about this contest, being a huge fan of Terminator and Arnold, I could'nt resist !
So here is my entry, a humoristic take on relations between machines :)
I hope not to be out of topic and you 'll like it.
Keep it up with the good work guys !!!

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  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Admin Los Angeles Admin
    Beautiful and hilarious Bruno!

  • Bruno TesseBruno Tesse Paris
    Thank you very much Chris !
    I also wanted to share with you a comic strip I did a while ago, before Terminator Genisys went on screen:

    Notice that in my mind, the punk from T1 had already a hole in his stomach ;)
    Cheers !
    t5.jpg 513.3K
  • that's actually a bit humorous here. I like the lil chat there.  Sounds like family i know. lol.
  • Bruno TesseBruno Tesse Paris
    Thanks Ian ! I guess this kind of little "war" happens in a lot of familys, between brothers for example ( my case when we were kids ) ;)
  • Tristan De boerTristan De boer New York
    HAHAHA!  These are great Bruno, love the T-600 too!
  • Very grand.
  • Bruno TesseBruno Tesse Paris
    Thanks a lot Tristan and Wade !
  • Morgan  Loebel Morgan Loebel Lawrence, Kansas
    hehehehe!! Good stuff!  :))
  • Bruno TesseBruno Tesse Paris
    Thank you very much Morgan !
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