*** Character Makeup Contest Winner Announcement ***

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To all who entered our 2019 Character Makeup Contest, thanks for sharing your creativity with us!  Your entries were so amazing it took us a couple extra days to pick a winner, so thank you for your patience!

We were excited by the huge variety of makeups that came in from all around the world, from demons to dwarves, monsters to spirit guides. You showed us your foam makeups, bodypainting, silicone prosthetics, and even build-up techniques.

As always, choosing a Grand Prize winner was a challenge, but we're delighted to announce that 1st place goes to 
Dean Garner for his extraterrestrial entry: Ernie the Alien, "an et inspired makeup with animatronic blinking eyes for The Prosthetics Event in the UK."

With his snaggle-toothed grin, gracefully twisting horns, and plethora of interesting facial orifices, there's something irresistible about Ernie. In addition to the overall impact of the makeup, we were impressed by Garner's incorporation of animatronic eyes, his organic paintwork, and his elegant approach to the hand makeup.

Congratulations Dean on creating a truly memorable character. We hope you enjoy the Grand Prize package below, sponsored by our friends at Skin Illustrator & PPI Premiere Products, Inc.!

Grand Prize Pack:  Worth over $760!   

  • From Skin Illustrator & PPI Premiere Products, Inc. - $375 value!:
    • 6 Skin Illustrator Pro Brushes (FX/glue brushes) GR & GF Series
    • Skin Illustrator Darkest Hour Palette
    • 2 oz.  Telesis 5 Silicone Adhesive
    • 2 oz.  Telesis 5 Thinner
    • 2 oz.  Telesis 8F Silicone Adhesive
    • 2 oz.  Telesis 8F Thinner
    • 4 oz.  Telesis Silicone Remover
    • Zero Color Powder
    • ZeroMarble Sealer
  • From The Stan Winston School:
    • 1-Year Unlimited Subscription to Stan Winston School - $359.94 value!
    • Artist Spotlight on the Stan Winston School Blog - PRICELESS
    • Stan Winston School T-Shirt - $30 value!

Honorable Mentions:

Bites of a fantastic cockroach by Antonio Naranjo

 - Team SWSCA
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  • Definately an interesting choice 
  • I’m stunned and ecstatic truly thank you  
  • Thank you for the honourable mention. It’s so humbling to be mentioned among so many great makeup’s. 
  • Thank you for the mention of honor. It is very gratifying to be mentioned in the face of so many incredible works by other fellow Special Effect Makeup. I am happy for this and it really makes me feel that I am on the right track. Best Regard
  • Well done everyone, brilliant work! 
  • i am making a dinosaur robot but i don't know how to operate its voice, i need a raptor sound when my dinosaur open his mouth every time, but unfortunately i dont know what board or control i need for it, same like animatronic dinosaurs voice, i am new in robotics. Please help me.

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