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Zombie Drill instructor puppet

Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
edited October 3 in Puppets
For my Twitch live stream ( ) I plan on incorporating an on-screen Zombie Drill Instructor character to add a bit of Hollywood production value.  I'll be sharing the process of bringing that character to life here on the forums as well.

On last Saturday's live stream I sculpted a quick maquette to test out different ideas for the character.   This was a fun process because our community on Twitch was able to take part in the creative process and make suggestions/give feedback.

Since this was just a quick and dirty maquette with only primary forms I wanted to do some digital painting on the character to change some of the features and explore different colors and textures.

On last night's live stream we did a quick digital paint, which will be us as reference when we start sculpting the final character.

I'm pretty happy with how the character is turning out.  We may make a few more changes before moving on, so any suggestions and feedback is welcome!

Next steps include:
  • Sculpt the final character in Chavant or Monster Clay
  • Make a 2 part fiberglass mold of the sculpt
  • Do a clay lay up inside the fiberglass mold and produce a mold core
  • Create a fiberglass underskull
  • Cast a silicone skin
  • Design and build animatronic eyes/lids
  • Build and incorporate a hand-operated mouth mech
  • Paint the skins
  • Fabricate & finish the hat
  • Design the cigar with embedded LEDs for animated glow, and incorporate tubing and a connection so smoke can be fed through from an attachment point in the jaw
  • Fabricate teeth and eyes
  • Final character assembly and finishing work
  • Explore voices and character performance
  • Film the puppet on a green screen
  • Compositing and visual effects pass
  • Take a nap
More to come soon!



  • That is a very cool character, Chris  B) 

    Cant wait to see the finish!


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