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Building a "Full Size" (8 foot) Mech

I've seen the Sagawa Electronics Suit and the one by Skeletronics and decided to start making my own on a relatively small budget: local Makerspace gave me $1000.
Build progress is here


  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Wow, this is a very impressive build!  Hope you can share more progress with us as you continue tackling this massive challenge!

  • So the entire thing is roughly together and on display at the local makerspace.

    I need to build a winch arm for the stasis dock and complete the armor so I can try it on.  Plus the compound lever for the shoulder mechanism is too weak to do much, so it needs to be totally rebuilt.
  • So... made some promo material:

  • edited October 5
    Very nice work guys . More ... More
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