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Davy Jones Cosplay from Pirates of the Carribean

This is my completely homemade Davy Jones Cosplay!

I started by taking a lifecast of my own face and hand, then sculpted the character on as a prosthetic to be cast in silicone.
The tentacles were sculpted and molded separately with matching washers on the end to ensure a perfect fit. 
The face, hand and tentacles were all cast in a gel filled silicone to achieve a squishy feel with a tough skin, then all painted with a silicone paint thinned down with Naptha.
I sculpted/molded the claw and leg separately as well and cast them in latex filled with foam then painted them with acrylics.

As for for the costume I sewed together a simple pirate suit using a Halloween pattern and glued on latex barnacles which I sculpted and molded plus real shells and starfish I purchased from a hobby store. I then distressed it heavily by cutting holes, shredding it and splashing mucky colors oll over it. 

After all all that work it was a triumph to finally put it all on and go out as Davy Jones. I got a huge positive reaction and people just couldn't believe their eyes!
Thanks for looking,
Todd Davis


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