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Julian Checkley


Julian Checkley
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  • Tarfful the Wookiee- Star Wars, The Revenge of the Sith

    This is my Tarfful the Wookiee costume. 
    He is Chewbacca's uncle so he's a bit bigger, bulkier and grumpier than Chewy.
    Using strengthened stilts I sculpted and cast some feet that articulte to make the gate look more natural. You can even do kung-fu kicks in them! I then made some finger extentions and cheated the look of the legs by lowering the belt. This helps to stop it looking like a guy wearing stilts with really long legs and a sort body and arms. 
    The hair is acrylic braiding hair that is individually latch hooked onto a mesh undersuit. I made a light weight foam muscle suit to add the Wookiee bulk and built a real time sound system into the chest piece. When the jaw is opened it activatesa snarl in the top lip and also a micro switch that makes those familiar Wookiee roars. The teeth are made from real dental acrylic and the tongue is latex foam. 
    To finish it off I made a Kashyyyk heavy blaster that is nearly 6' long, perfect when the walking carpet weilding it is 8' 4".
    Definitely a favourite when I took him out this Halloween.
    Here's a vid of the suit in action-

  • Darth Malgus - Star Wars The Old Republic

    This Is a costume I made a few years ago but it seems to still be very popular. All the parts are sculpted, cast and finished by me in my workshop here in Ireland.
    The worst part are the huge sclera lenses but they really made the costume in the end. The costume comprises of over 30 parts using fiberglass, leather, urethane rubber, silicone rubber, foamex, and various urethane foams. In the costume I stand around 6' 8" tall so he's pretty scary in the flesh.
    I'm a huge fan of SWSCA and was fortunate enough to meet Stan himself many years ago. So we'll be keeping our fingers crossed as there are so many amazing costumes on here. Happy Halloween!
    BTW the only photoshop in these pics is on the lightsaber.
    Heres a link to a vid we did when I first tried it on-

  • Grummgar- The Force Awakens

    This is my Grummgar costume from Star Wars The Force Awakens.
    He stands 9' tall and the costume weighs around 70kg (155lbs) and is extremely hot!!
    The original creature in the movie was only seen sitting down and was operated as a puppet with 3 operators.
    I wanted to bring him to life and actually see the mighty Grummgar walking around.
    He has articulated feet built into adapted stilts and also has articulated claws that are perfect for holding some inter-galactic brews in Maz's Castle. The head is built onto an underskull that when the wearer nods it articulates the mouth and jaw. Just to finish him off I added a real time voice changer and a light -up life support system on his back. As you never get to see his back in the movie due to him sitting down. I had to make all those pipes go somewhere?!
    Here's a vid I did at Star Wars Celebration London-