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Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can reccommend a good place to get L200? Thought this would be a good category for other materials as well.


  •  Atlas Foam Products  •  12836 Arroyo Street  •  Sylmar, CA  91342  •

       Phone  (818) 837-3626    •    Fax  (818) 837-1114
  • Great. Thanks Chris. What size is best you think?

  • could we get the different classification numbers for the different Foam please? I seem to remember that Ted said that L200 is just what Atlas calls their stuff in store. Not the universal code for it.
    Any maybe an introduction into "Foam Lingo" might be cool too.

    This is what Chris put into the chat last saturday in terms of the upholstery stuff:

    12-TF or ANY Upholstery Foam
    Note: 12-TF foam is the Atlas Foam specification
    it has a Density of 1.2 LB/Cubic ft and a IFD of 33.

    (Whats LB and IFD please?)

    Ted also spoke of 2inch upholstery foam for general building of softer stuff and recomended matrasse foam for the neck of my costume. Can we please get the all the different specs for ALL the foams that Ted uses? Like....

    Polyurethan open cell - Density etc
    And as a substitute for L200 I used somehting I got here in the UK as
    Closed cell polyethylene sheet EFP30
    from these ppl here. http://www.efoam.co.uk/foamsheets.php

    Any tips what to buy from them as for the L200? I think what I got was too soft
  • Hi wolf no the EFP30 has the same density as the L200 (sorry we still use the imperial measurement system here, umm 32 kg/m is ~ 2 LB/Ft) 

    the density on the upholstery foam should be ~19-20 kg/m  and IFD stands for "Indentation Force Deflection" here is a fairly technical page on foam density if you are curious http://www.pfa.org/jifsg/jifsgs4.html
  • thanks mate, that helps  a lot

  • Thanks! That helps me a lot too. I've got access to EMO (a very dark foam, ahem...) (seriously) and ECK-1 which, is probably just what this company calls whatever, but its as close as I can get in large sheets (large being only 1m by 2m, as I said...)
  • Yes, I got cable adjusters here. The only place I could find em

  • I don't know if any of the non-critique people are reading this and are from Canada but there are two places I found Rubber Cement - One is a place called Aboveground Art supplies and the other is called Tandy Leather. Tandy sells it at about $89 per 32oz can but Above Ground sells Best Test for $9 a 32oz can but shipping is $7 LOL 
  • 89$
  • ??
  • $ ?
  • Oh shit, Tandy leather is around the corner from me. Hooray.
  • RESEARCH, RESEARCH, REASEARCH!!!! You will find what you need. If you can't find what you need on the inter webs. Then call the stores directly. Or go to the stores and tell them what you're doing. Talking to people is the best way to get what you need.
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