nybody here have experience with the Stan Winston

Title pretty much explains it. They have a few courses that I'm interested in and wondering if anybody has any feedback regarding the quality of the courses. Would also be interested in any other recommendations for online instruction in clay sculpture (specifically Chavant or Super Sculpey, but anything would help).

I've already watched and learned from Sculpture Geek's Creating a Stylized Character. Loved it!



  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Hi Viprit,

    If you have any questions about our lessons I'd be happy to help provide more information.  Before joining the team here I was a student watching the videos (I still watch them all and always learn a lot) and based on my experience I've not found anything like SWS lessons elsewhere.  They are in-depth, long form, cover every step, and are taught by highly experienced and incredibly talented experts.  I'm sure other students would be happy to share their experiences with our lessons here as well.

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