Spray gun without an air compressor?

Hey everyone! I'm looking for ways to spray latex rubber, and maybe some automotive paints at some point, but I don't have the room for an air compressor tank. The only compressors I'm familiar with using are the small electric ones for airbrushing, and even if I had the space, I don't want to jump into using a tank compressor at this time!

I searched around and found this:

People seem to love it, and I know it's expensive, but if it saves me from needing an air compressor I'd absolutely be willing to save up for this!

Has anyone here worked with this paint sprayer, and if so, is it good enough for making foam fabricated dinosaurs and covering them with latex? Or attempting the painting methods used in the "Metallic Painting Techniques" course? I'd love to find out!

Thanks for reading!
 - RB <3
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