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My homework Sculpt

Hello Tim,

Here is some In progress pictures of my sculpt so far.  What I'm up with is pretty much just a combo of cenobite and deadite with some Jason Voorhees thrown in.  I've done a bit of tooling to the sculpt since and still got a bit more to go with the secondary forms and texture.  I thinking of whether or not I want to do something to the back to try and disguise a slit up the back.

Thanks for any critiques and advice you have and I look forward to finishing this piece and to see Everybody's finished pieces. Thanks



  • Ryan EndersbyRyan Endersby Fredericksburg, VA
    Right on Collier, this is looking awesome man. I really like your teeth on there, should be a lot of fun to cast and paint up. My latex based masks in the past really shrunk on me so I went sort of insanely large this round to see if I can get results that yield a larger mask. Outside this course I am working on a silicone echoflex mask (my first) but kept that one real close to the armature, following close measured amounts since it all equates to very expensive silicone. I need to pick up some fiberglass but got a gallon of silicone in. 

    I am really looking forward to Tim's feedback and seeing his latex monster (was looking amazing!), and hitting this course again with you guys this month. I just got some hydrocal to work the mold making but it took some looking (and driving) in my state (Va) to get it. 

  • Thanks Ryan,

    I also really loved your shock monster and I can't wait to see you finish it. And dude it was fun to sorta look in the background of your work area and see what you had. Noticed you had a jordu healer and a nice zombie type sculpt. But goodluck on the silicone mask dude, hopefully it turns out awesome. Have am awesome day Ryan.

  • Looks good man, keep refining some of you basic shapes when I comes to the flesh around the mouth, straighter lines will give it more "stretch and tension"
  • Thanks Very much Tim! I'll be posting more pics soon
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