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Extra Fine Bowden Cable?

Hi guys, quick materials sourcing question. Where can we get super fine bowden cable and housing, preferably by the roll?
Here are a few examples of the gauge range I'm interested in, (which you may find interesting whether or not you have an answer): 

It looks like a lot of these cable housings have a wire wrapped outer layer? Then in the second example (the chipmunk) it looks like the cables are maybe running through fine extension springs... Any ideas? I've been making do with the Sullivan Gold-N-Rod #577 (Veryflex), which are fine enough, (1.85mm outer housing/0.8mm cable,) but only come in 36" lengths and could do to be a bit more robust.



  • One more for fun: 

  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    For smaller movements I use a "Gold-N-Rod" brand push rods by Sullivan that are used in the RC world a lot.  Those might work for you.  I don't know of a source as rolls though.

  • Thanks Chris – Yes I've been using the Gold-N-Rod #577 (Veryflex), which seems to be the finest they make, and it works well for some things. Now I'm looking for something a little more robust if possible, and mainly that overcomes the length issue. It doesn't seem like Gold-N-Rod is available any longer than the 36" assembly packs.

    In Richard Landon's tentacle vid he mentioned that he gets cable stuff from Hosmer-Dorrance. Anyone know if they carry anything that fine? When I get a chance I'll give them a call and report my findings.
  • So apparently Hosmer-Dorrance is out of business now. (That cable control vid was about 4 years ago.) Any ideas where the pros are getting the pro gear these days? The quest continues...
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