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Books that recommend

edited February 11 in Makeup Effects
Hello good morning, afternoon, evening ... whatever. Thank you for allowing us this space.
Sorry for my bad English. 
I wanted if you can in the comments recommend your favorite books of Makeup,
references, and others.
I will also be uploading my favorite books of refferences.

1st Book:

I´ve this books and others not soo greats. I read your suggestions for makeup and sculpture books! Thank you!


  • You should get THE WINSTON EFFECT book, Santiago, also, MEN, MAKEUP AND MONSTERS by Fanogria's editor Tony Timpone, BEHIND THE MASK: The Secrets of Hollywood's Monster Makers by Alan Hedgcock and Mark Salisbury, SPECIAL MAKEUP EFFECTS by Vincent J. Kehoe, Tom Savini's GRANDE ILLUSIONS Part 1 & 2, SPECIAL MAKEUP EFFECTS for Stage and Screen by Todd Debreceni, DICK SMITH's Do it Yourself Monster Makeup. This is what I would recommend. D.
  • Thanks a lot @Dimitar Dimitrov !!!!! :D thanks!
  • Gran libro!!
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