Can I still submit my Old Alien Costume?

I hope it's not too late to submit my last creation. I don't think I submitted my costume for any contests yet as I just completed a few years back and won my money back two fold!
I have been wanting to enter these types of a contest for years and continue building new ones. I hope this will do for now despite its being 3 years old. 
Heres a video of me making it in tutorial series

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  • Plus I forgot to add the queen i was working on....
  • Here is a full set of photo's that was taken during the times I was constructing them. The original black version (there was 3 of made) were made for short film that was later cancelled because of conflicting time scheduling. Anyways, they were accidentally destroyed some time later. A few years later I would create a new copper silver tone version and that you would notice some slight changes to the chest. I created this one for the fun of it, and took at least a few months to finish it because I was also filming it for a tutorial series. This is one of the best costumes I made because it also got recognition from the the James Corden Show who wanted to use it for a comedy skit before the release of Alien Covenant that opened the following day. The copper tone version is animatronic with a opening mouth, saliva spilling with smoke, and retractile tongue when it is activated by remote controlled by the wearer using a motion sensor built into the hand. I plan on making the queen alien this year along with some other cool monsters!    
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