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Dragon. My animatronic project.

edited November 2017 in Animatronics

I've posted some questions and comments before, but this will be the first real post about the full project.

I have been working on a dragon head and neck (so far). And, like a lot of other people, mine will be a long term project. I'll try to update as often as I can. 

On to the project, and my progress so far!

This is the neck. 2 vertical, and 2 horizontal hinge points, and a 3 axis plate to mount the head to. All of the hinge points, and the universal joint plate, are cable driven and counterbalanced with springs. The rotating axis is driven by a servo and gear drive. Still a lot of assembly to do!

Here are the 4 main cable drive units. 12V, 60 RPM gear motors, with feedback pots. I may have to use 30, or even 20 RPM motors depending on the load.

Closer look at the drive, with the cable and sleeves  in place.

This is my miniature "input rig" I will use to directly input motion, or create a motion file that the Arduino will read and execute.

And last one for now. My 1st (bad) attempt at sculpting. I really need to ditch the styrofoam head and make an armature.  But, I'm learning!  This was more a test to see if I could do it this way.    Um... nope. lol

I always welcome comments, questions, advice, constructive criticism, or even just a chat.  

Take care all!
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