Heroes and Villains Entry: The Head Hunter Predator Scuplture

Hello everyone,
So here is my entry for the Heroes and Villains Contest, The Head Hunter Predator. Took a very long time to make and I hope it does well in the contest. For obvious reasons I will submit this character as a villain.

So this pieces stems from the idea of a Predator who wears the skulls of his victims on his body, as opposed to mounting them to the wall of his ship, for intimidation purposes. While Admittedly not very detailed, this Predator's design was inspired by the designs of other Predators from various sources. Initially I was going to add a Xenomorph skull over the Wrist Blade to make it look as though the blades were coming out of the Alien's mouth but that felt a bit too over the top.


Pose 1

Pose 2

Pose 3

Size Comparison






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