Heroes & Villains - Battle Ursula

Our version of Ursula from The little Mermaid, a mix between Xena warrior princess and bad ass Ursula sea witch!
all the armor was hand sculpted in clay, molded and cast in bondo/fiberglass and/or cold cast with bronze powder for an oxidized sea life look later.
we like having our costumes tell a visual story so little easter eggs and bits: we gave Ursula almost a magical Iron man like snail shell that harnesses and powers her evil armor, in our story Ursula wins so around her belt she has her trophies .. a scalping of Ariel's ear and scalp ( sculpted and cast in gelatin and hair punched) and Sebastian's claw (sculpted and cast in bondo) and last but not least with have Triton's trident and Triton's skull and Crown turned into knee armor ( sculpted and cast in bondo/fiberglass)

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