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Yennefer of Vengerberg (The Witcher 3)

edited April 2017 in Cosplay Contest

This costume was one of the few designs I wanted to do close to the original.

Since The Witcher has a medieval-like setting I wanted to include the rustic design elements like bigger hand stitches. But to keep it suitable for a powerful and vain sorceress like Yen I I went with rather expensive material.

All was made from scratch - patterns, sewing, details. Exept for the gloves (I bought a basic leather glove at H&M and added gauntlet plus electric).
Both gloves can be lighten up in different shades of fiery red and icy blue like it is suitable for a sorceress.
The amulett is painted with UV active paint and has a blue glow after beeing exposed to light.

Here you can find more WIP and detail pictures. Unfortunately my blog entry is in German, but I added many pictures :-)

Photos by: Dragonflies - by Yvonne Fischer, Through The Woods Fotodesign and  myself

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