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GROOT - Guardians Of The Galaxy cosplay entry

edited March 2017 in Cosplay Contest
This is my Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy cosplay entry.  I am still very green when it comes to sculpting so every new piece is a learning experience.  Once the sculpt was complete I used many layers of liquid latex to complete the face prosthetic.  I also used liquid latex for the bark pieces on the neck and chest.  

Amanda Chapman
Instagram: @amandachapmansfx ;

Groot makeup application video:  

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  • That's really incredible! Green you may consider yourself but you're certainly not lacking in talent! Love it :smile:
  • I think I've seen bags of what is either real dried moss or very realistic synthetic being sold at model shops for model railway landscapes - patches of that with a bit of airbrushing to blend them in could really enhance the greener bits. Just a thought!
  • Thank you @Ceejay Lake !  I agree about adding more moss :) 
  • Well it can only make a fantastic cosplay costume better, good luck!
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