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Need Suggestions - Armature materials, for a large sculpture, capable of being easily cut/adjustable

edited March 14 in Sculpture

(Introduction - Skip to next paragraph for the context of this thread)
I'd like to say hi! I am new here and am very interesting in taking a few of the web courses that are available here at the school. My project, it being my first one, has taken me 3 years of R&D, trial and error, and kicking and screaming to get to where I am at right now. In short, it's a comprehensive costume that'll involve prosthetics, a female body overlay, costume, leather armor, and body ink makeup. The sculpture of the headpiece of my character...

I'm in need of some suggestions when it comes down to a large sculpture that'll become a multi-piece prop for a costume I'm working on. With my current knowledge of materials, the master prop is being all sculpted as one piece, and than going to be cut (accurately) into down into 4 separate pieces. My intent is to mold and cast this sculpture into a much lighter, flexible, and lifelike prop via silicone where they plug into eachother to complete the final prop. 

-EPS Styrofoam
-Wire Mesh, clay welded onto the foam via Apoxie Sculpt clay
Skin Material
-Polymer Oil Clay - Van Aken (

Curious enough, my sculpture needs to be fastened on my lifecast in order to actually sculpt the headpiece prop. How am I supposed to keep it on the lifecast without damaging the armature extensively from the weight of the oil clay?

My lifecast is made out of a very rigid, but lightweight foam resin from Smooth on, called Foamit! 5 (

*I'm intentionally only talking about the armature here, but I'll open a thread facing the other challenges this costume has developed as I find the way to phrase them!*

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Pictures included: Also attached (Larger)
1 - My lifecast material
2 - My headpiece w/o clay
3 - My headpiece w/ clay
4 - General Reference (Headpiece in front)

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