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edited April 2016 in Alien Art Contest
This collection was inspired by the Alien saga. I extracted finishings for sleeves and elbows from the Moebius designed space suits from the first movie. The walls of the Nostromo inspired a texture in a coat, as the wall in Prometheus inspired a very intrincated hand work in leather for the chest of a dress. The Alien Queen head inspired a whole dress while the deacon inspired the sleeves of some garments. The shapes and holes of the dresses were inspired by the xenomorph. Ripley was a great inspiration and the show models wore the hair as she did in Alien Resurrection, while in the campaign one model wore it as in Alien 3. We created a pair of space boots inspired by those wore by Ripley in Aliens and we built alien eggs and a hipersleep unit for the show, out of trash.


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