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"ZELAYLIA" The Alien Insect Queen

Andy ChinAndy Chin
edited April 2016 in Alien Art Contest
Hey everyone!

My name is Andy Chin, a 16 year-old self-taught 3D artist, located in the LA area, and I'm very excited to join this contest for the very first time! 

Here's a few shots of a piece I did just for this event, and I'm glad to say I finished just in time. Here is "ZALEYLIA", a female insect alien inspired by a variety of species of mantises as well as flowers. Stayed up really late nights and working long hours on this just because it was so fun to work on! I hope you guys like it and good luck to all who have entered!

Sculpting done in: Zbrush

Textures: Zbrush/Photoshop

Render: Marmoset Toolbag 2

Below are renders straight out of Toolbag and I've also included a Zbrush viewport shot :) 

(Will update tomorrow with a Marmoset Viewer)

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