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I'm curious how many creature designers work remotely?

Is creature design, digital or traditional sculpt, a freelance gig you can make a career out of working at home? I'm currently a Motion Graphic Designer with 3D modelling skills and would like to get into creature design. I live in Toronto and would like to buy a house someday, which I can't afford in Toronto so I'm considering moving to a smaller city and working freelance from home. I do freelance Motion Graphic Design work from home and after I get the knowledge for creature design would like to offer that as a service too. For anyone with professional creature design experience; do you think that my plan is realistic?

You can see my current mograph work here:

Thanks in advance!


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  • William FowlerWilliam Fowler Toronto, On, canada
    Thanks John! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.
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