• Suicide Squad Joker

    This is my Joker cosplay outfit. I did do the outfit for my bf so it's slightly too big for me. Outfit and all the props are handmade. (jewellery is bought and the bralette since it doesnt belong to … (View Post)

    Here is my Darth Talon look. Outfit is made with Foam and worbla. Headpiece just with paper, fabrick and some stuffing. Lightsaber is made also but the light effect is edited coz it doesnt shine with… (View Post)

    My first entry for the Halloween costume contest. Head is made out of Liquid latex and flour. Painted with oil paints and alcohol paints. Hat is craft foam. Dress I sew and colored with coffee, soil,… (View Post)
  • Darth Maul

    My third entry for the contest :) So this is my Darth Maul painted on myself. Horns are made with clay and on top of is liquid latex + alcohol activated paints. My instagram:… (View Post)

    I found this artist on Instagram called Chay Ruby and he have some special and unique artworks, so this is recreation of one of those. That creature, hand and bloods are paper. U can find a small 1 m… (View Post)