Connor Asher

"Connor Asher is the CEO & founder of Creventive An entertainer of various arts. Working as: Director, Actor, Puppeteer, Artist, Musician, Graphic Artist, Builder, Animator. Currently in "Chicago Illinois", planning to study at the Art Institute of LosAngeles, after graduating from High school, to further his skills in the industry as a working artist. He has taken multiple classes with “Stan Winston's School of Character Arts” to advance his skills in practical effects and creature creation. These are just a few of the classes he has taken so far: "Hand & Rod Puppet" & "Foam Carving puppets/simple mechs" with Bj Guyer.  "Fabricate a Monster Suit (Kaiju Project)" with Ted Haines & Bill Bryan, also have taken  "Cable Mechnism Basics" with Richard Landon.  "Making Creature Eyes" with John Cherevka  "Zbrush Creature Sculpting" with Josh Herman  "Anamatronic Characters - Organic Mechanics" with Rick Lazzarini  "The Business of making monsters" with Shannon Shea  He has also directed various projects and taught classes on television puppetry throughout the Chicagoland area! Thank you for reading, please feel free to contact me: Personal website: Company website: IMDB:"



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