Baby Smaug - Costume Contest

I wanted to make an infant version of Smaug, recently hatched (I'm much too small to be Smaug at his full size! I struggle with things on my face so I needed to make a version of this that would allow me to keep my face free. It's made from polystyrene, craft, and upholstery foam, fiberglass rods, fabric, puff paint, and clay! 


  • That's an interesting way to carve down the leg padding.  Same goes for your vision and airflow solution...I'm generally stuck looking at the world through little mesh slots.

    I'm curious about the underlying structure for the wings and gloves, would it be possible for you to post pictures of them?

  • @Adam Shands Alas I do not have photos of that but I did a drawing of how they went together - The gloves  had decoy fingers. I could easily remove the hands if I needed to work with my own hands for something. I liked how I could manipulate my wings in a life like manner this way, but I as for the look I would do it 1000 times better a second time around. I don't care much for the look; the straightness of the bones is too unnatural, and how the skin of the wings wasn't attached to my arms. But very good for a first go for sure! 

  • Hmm, I'll think about this if I do Rathalos/Rathian or the Rodan couple.  There has to be a way to leave the hands free, I remember someone made pterosaur suits where you could either hold the outer finger or use your hands normally, maybe it was on a wristguard?  (I never did manage to get an answer out of them.)
  • Really cool build Courtney. Your foam sculpting is awesome. Nicely done!
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