The Hobbit - Bard the Bowman cosplay costume

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Bard the Bowman from The Hobbit - This build was only possible because of a temporary job in Salt Lake. Elk hides are abundant in the area and I was able to purchase a fully tanned hide for 100 dollars. I trimmed out arm holes and wore the entire pelt as a single piece coat. The arms, leg wraps and hand wraps are all scrap cuttings from the same. I grew the hair including facial hair and colored it to match. The shirt was hand sewn and the pants were a found thrift item in size 8x. I made the shoes from a prefab mocassin kit painted to match. Sashes, rope ties and belts were the final touches. I intend to retake posed photos when I am down to a comparable weight like the actor.

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  • This is me getting caught working on my costume in the living room. I was notified by my wife that I was "shedding" too much and needed to take myself outside. I would have said it was too cold outside if maybe I hadn't been wearing an entire elk hide at the time.

  • This was my max facial likeness percentage from my likeness app:

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